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Today i had a thought

ސެޕްޓެމްބަރު 18, 2008

Today I was walking down the street and thought to myself, “Damn it’s good to be a gangster”.  I was also thinking about the future.  And how much of a gangster I’m going to be in the future.  I’m going to stack faces, big faces. I’m gonna pack and deliver like UPS trucks!  Anyways, yo, I’m just keepin it trill out here in the VB yeah you know me.

(the reason i’m telling you all this is because the other day I was seriously considering giving up being a gangster and going to trapeze school, but then i was like, fuck trapeze school I’m an OG)

i want to fly in tights

i want to fly in tights

yo hit me up on my burner 213.485.2230


Enhance 15-23

އޮގަސްޓް 21, 2008
replicants are like machines
fluctuating pupils
the subject must give a negative
My ultimate fantasy

My ultimate fantasy

every day after i drink my 200g protein power shake, I think to myself , wow, all my memories are implants

Johnny Depp in the future

އޮގަސްޓް 20, 2008
i farted!

i farted!

So here’s my song about Johnny Depp in the future. I like to think about the future. Sometimes I’ll start singing a song about the future. Last week, it was like Thursday morning, and I just got high and ate a bowl of Ralph’s fake Golden grams, they’re like called Honey Grahams, and I started thinking about what if Johnny Depp was in the future…singing. so i started pretending I was Johnny Depp singing in the future. But I couldn’t remember the line from Benny and Joon so I could show the world Jonny Depp had a “Past” too. I looked it up on imdb and then got sidetracked for like 2 hours shopping for a credit card sniffing program, finally found the page I opened on imdb, and then looked at the Memorable Quotes section. But by then I was kind of over it. Tell me what you think!?