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Johnny Depp in the future

އޮގަސްޓް 20, 2008
i farted!

i farted!

So here’s my song about Johnny Depp in the future. I like to think about the future. Sometimes I’ll start singing a song about the future. Last week, it was like Thursday morning, and I just got high and ate a bowl of Ralph’s fake Golden grams, they’re like called Honey Grahams, and I started thinking about what if Johnny Depp was in the future…singing. so i started pretending I was Johnny Depp singing in the future. But I couldn’t remember the line from Benny and Joon so I could show the world Jonny Depp had a “Past” too. I looked it up on imdb and then got sidetracked for like 2 hours shopping for a credit card sniffing program, finally found the page I opened on imdb, and then looked at the Memorable Quotes section. But by then I was kind of over it. Tell me what you think!?